We Accelerate Results by Designing & Reshaping Company Cultures! Imagine what your company would be like if you could create a place where top talent within all levels of your organization will want to stay and perform at their best?

At Dragonfly consultants, we work at all levels from individual to organizational to help create  sustainable cultures, specific to your business, where the benefits of global diversity become reality.

Taking into account that the way we work today is significantly different than 10 years ago, we take a refreshing approach at what motivates the individual, both inside and outside of your organizational boundaries.

Implementing  diversity inclusion can be challenging, and retaining and ensuring employee success can be difficult. Dragonfly Consultants can assist you in defining and implementing a concrete strategy to achieve this within your organization.

Our approach is to understand the relationship between individuals and their organization. We help provide the means for your employees to experience guiltless careers and lives, allowing them to achieve their highest potential.

Why hire us?

  • As leaders, we have over 100 years of experience across numerous industries from start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies. We bring a female perspective, which is core to our practice and methodologies while leveraging known industry models and processes.
  • By helping you shift your business culture, we provide you with a sustainable solution to your diversity challenges.
  • Our approach is holistic looking at what motivates the individual both inside and outside of your organizational boundaries.
  • We partner with your team and make sure the recommended solutions to your challenges can be realistically implemented.
  • We help you to retain your talented women while ensuring the men in your organization are included in the process.

"It has been shown that gender diversity makes for better workplaces and increases business profitability. Studies show that women in leadership enhance business performance. The Catalyst report shows that “Fortune 500 companies with 3 or more women on the board gain a significant advantage over those with fewest: +73% return on sales, +83% on equity, +112% return on invested capital.”  Similarly, in comparing the top-quartile of companies in terms of share of women in executive committees against companies that have all-male executive committees, McKinsey found that the former companies exceeded the latter by 41% in return on equity and by 56% in operating results.”

We offer a wide range of services, which includes Organizational Design work focused on Organizational Culture, High-Performing Teams, and Diversity Inclusion; Behavioral Assessments, Leadership Development Programs & Workshops, Women In Leadership, Online Courses, and Executive Coaching. Executive coaching and online courses are designed to complement our Leadership Development Programs.


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