In addition to the founding team, we are growing our team of experts who have a plethora of expertise as academics, consultants, and experienced leaders.

Dr. Peterson

Dr. Kelly Peterson, PsyD, Organizational Management and Consulting


Kelly is an organizational development consultant and executive coach with over 20 years of consulting experience. Prior to starting her consulting career through her own practice, Peterson Development Consulting, Inc., she worked in Human Resources with Sony Pictures Entertainment in a variety of HR Management roles - Learning, Diversity and Inclusion, and HR Generalist. She has been a Managing Partner with Syzygy Global Consultants (Syzygy) since 2009, providing organizational and leadership development consulting services to client companies worldwide. She is currently developing her longtime passion for working with women entrepreneurs in the midst of transformation into a consulting and coaching practice called FromTransition2Transformation. Throughout her professional career, she has developed a reputation for connecting with people in an honest and authentic way.

She is a versatile consultant with a wide-range of experiences providing strategic planning, leadership development, executive coaching, culture change management, learning platform design and delivery, and organizational effectiveness facilitation – in a variety of client settings. She both designed and delivered Disney’s Performance Management Program, as well as their 3 Day Management Journey Program which she has delivered for them across the enterprise (worldwide). She has also provided learning solutions for Tenet Healthcare, Pitney Bowes, The Walt Disney Company (enterprise-wide), and The Los Angeles County (various agencies). Her change management work includes a three year engagement working directly with Huntington Hospital Medical Center (Pasadena, CA) leadership team to execute their five year strategic plan. Her work is strongly focused on the creation of employee engagement at all levels and helping leaders recognize and bring out the best in individuals and teams. A visionary by nature, her strongest attribute is her ability to help her clients envision a higher possibility for servicing customers, clients and/or stakeholders by improving how they interact and work together. What can we achieve together that will make our organization (products or services) better?

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In addition to her consulting work, she chaired the Phillips Graduate Institute’s Doctoral Program in Psychology, in Organizational Management and Consulting (OMC) - significantly expanding the curriculum and doubling the size of the program in her 3 year tenure as chair. She has been on the faculty of UCLA’s Technical Management Program and is currently a facilitator and curriculum designer in The Economic Development, Leadership Institute at College of the Canyons (CA).

She has her doctorate of psychology in OMC from Phillips Graduate Institute (CA) and is a graduate of the University of Southern California, Human Resources Development Master Trainer’s Institute. Her BA from California State Northridge is in both Communication and Psychology. She is a certified Master Trainer for DDI, 6Sigma Workout Certified, and is a Connective Leadership Certified Practitioner. She has certificates in Public Policy from Georgia Tech and Transportation Demand Management from UCLA. Additionally, she is a CORO Fellow (’94) and alumnus of Goldman Sachs 10KSB Program (LA Class 2012).

Besides her work and family, and participation on numerous community and professional boards, the other thing that brings joy to her life is her work with The World Stage (TWS). An arts, education and performance non-profit whose primary mission is to support and keep alive jazz music, vocal performance and the literary arts. Kelly is a member of the executive board of directors of TWS and a published poet and performance artist with the Anansi Writer’s Workshop.

Lori Quitiquit-Hoffman

Lori Quitiquit-Hoffman - MA, Organizational Development & Human Resources, ACC


I come from simple roots; my grandfathers emigrated from the Philippines and labored in the agricultural fields of Central California. Both married brides from the fields, who helped raise my parents in the labor camps. My parents went to school and created vocations moving them beyond the fields, as each generation helped move the next one step further. My brother, sisters, and I were encouraged by my grandmother to do well in school and go to college. She would repeat in her Portuguese accent, “Work hard and save your money!”

Family, food, and celebration were central to my upbringing, instilling in me the core values that hard work, determination, and love were the keys to a happy life. As I matured, I discovered compassion for others, balance, and passion completed me. This maturity carried me to higher levels of success and satisfaction, both at work and at home.

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When I was coming up in my career as a Human Resources and Organizational Development professional, concepts like Emotional Intelligence were not understood or considered of value. Friends and colleagues told me I led from the heart. Regrettably, some work environments put forth that to be serious, logical, and unemotional are the means to success. Leading with heart has not always been seen as an asset in these environments. Eventually my journey has led me to an external coach and consultant role, where I find my passion and compassion for others blend nicely to help them to achieve their dreams as well. I love to keep life in balance by doing daily yoga, walking with my dog, making wine and cooking for friends and family.

I am excited to be part of Dragonfly Consultants, where we will be able to help organizations who realize the benefit and importance of creating inclusive cultures leveraging even those of us who operate with an open heart.