Have you ever experienced feeling challenged to influence your team, peers, and superiors, uncomfortable in a new role, the need to prove yourself, conflicted between home and work responsibilities, fear of conflict/challenging others, and insecurity about presenting ideas? If you are looking to conquer any of the above and be a better leader in today’s complex environment, we can help you recognize the qualities and attributes to do so.

Examples of our coaching expertise include:


  • new leader assimilation/succession planning
  • becoming an enterprise leader
  • building your brand and presence
  • creating the right circles and span of influences
  • developing authentic and meaningful relationships
  • inspirational leadership
  • employee engagement and retention
  • achieving a work/life balance
  • diversity inclusion

Successful leaders turn to coaching to help them achieve greater levels of success and personal fulfillment. Coaching is a “win-win” for employees and employers alike. Did you know that both Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey* have used coaches?

A recent study of global companies performed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) found that 86% had a ROI of 7 times the initial investment and  95.6% would repeat the coaching experience again. Further studies amongst 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies found the benefits of coaching ranged from increased productivity, organizational strength, and bottom line profitability, to improved working relationships with direct reports and immediate supervisors, as well as better work satisfaction and more effective teamwork.

Coaching Options

We offer individual and group coaching as a standalone service or we incorporate into any of our broader range of services.

As leaders/former executives, educators, and coaches, we have the training, experience and “know how” to be able to listen to you, challenge you when you can go further, hold you accountable for your commitments and celebrate your successes. According to your own agenda, through thought provoking coaching, we will help you remove inner blocks, design meaningful action plans and help you move forward from where you are today to become a better you and a stronger leader.