What is organizational culture?

Organizational culture can formally be defined as values & norms, dominant leadership styles,  language and symbols, procedures & routines, and the definitions of success that make an organization unique. 

Why do you care?

A strong culture can help an organization adapt to the environment, but a strong culture can also inhibit deep organizational changes and the ability to recruit and retain top talent.

At Dragonfly Consulting, we take an integrative approach to Culture. In high performing organizations, employees are engaged and thrive when they are able to contribute to goals and values that are in alignment with their own. They want to work where they fit in. In those environments, culture goes beyond a statement of values posted on the wall to how people operate everyday. It comes from having a well designed and aligned culture.  How do you create cultural alignment?

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We draw on our experience as women who live blended lives.  Our passions pull us in multiple directions requiring us to balance home, children, work, and community.  We know how to leverage the strength and support of each other in order to have it all, and do it all successfully.

Our approach examines your culture through the lens of what motivates the individual both inside and outside of your organizational boundaries, where each person is engaged and passionate about their work and their life.

Our process at a glance

Our process provides a path from desired state to implementation of a design that is fit for purpose.  We help you identify the organizational elements that need to change and pathway to implement those changes effectively.

We tailor our process to match your unique situation and needs and use a sustainable approach to help you achieve your goals. Our process consists of a number of specific stages and each step will be developed depending on the complexity, size of your organization, number of stakeholders, and organizational maturity.

Your active participation is paramount to a successful outcome as we act as the guardian throughout the duration of this exciting and challenging process.

To complement our Organizational Culture Transition & Development Program, we offer Dr. Ralph Kilmann's

Cultural Management course

This course is taken online, at your own pace.