Virtuous leadership, leading from your source of truth

At Dragonfly consultants we offer a distinct leadership development program aimed at helping you create inclusive culture. We invite leaders to explore their impact by examining their own understanding of what it means to lead from their depth of character.  Leaders are expected to have far reaching influence but they often fail.  Why is that?  In many organizations, management and control is often mistaken for leadership, resulting in short-term progress, but failing to achieve long-term and sustainable results.

Virtuous leadership is the ability to lead from one’s authentic self, establish trust and achieve positive change.  Leadership that inspires, motivates, supports and works at the highest level of integrity.  From this foundation, leaders can explore how best to invest in their people and organizations potential.  It is here that leaders are able to create a sustainable culture.

Utilizing the Dragonfly Qualities

  • Maturity and Depth of Character – mental and emotional maturity
  • Power and Poise – the ability to inspire and motivate action
  • Self-awareness – the defeat of self-created illusions
  • Living in the Moment –  making decisions that maintain balance
  • The Opening of One’s Eyes – uninhibited vision


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We build a leader’s capability to be impactful at all levels

  • Individual – Discovering your virtuous leadership
  • Team – Leading and building high performing teams
  • Organization – Influencing the organizations overall performance
  • Culture - Advancing the greater good by creating a sustainable culture