Reclaim, Reconnect and Recharge at Dragonfly Women’s Leadership Retreats

As a great leader, you understand the importance of taking the time to reflect on your value, reconnect with your purpose, and recharge your body and mind. Doing so positions you to clarify your vision, define your path, confront your challenges, and sort out life’s competing demand. Dragonfly Consultants offers retreats that allow you to do all these things in the company of like-minded women leaders in beautiful settings like Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, and Lake Tahoe.

Our specialized leadership retreats are integrative and action focused. As part of the workshop, we utilize fun recreational options to integrate your learning, gently challenge, inspire and reconnect you with your joy. We choose different settings such as ocean, mountain, desert, and lakes, and a variety of activities like standup paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, hiking; zip lining, mountain biking, and horseback riding to bring a customized experience. Recharging with massage and daily yoga is also a key part of our retreat experience. We offer three to five day retreats for groups of leaders or individuals. With leadership teams, we are able to tailor retreat designs to integrate organizational culture, team and individual goals.

Retreats we offer include:

  • Legacy Leadership - Envisioning the Future: We created and offer this leadership retreat for groups of senior executives, and most recently offered for women executives. This retreat helps leaders explore and identify their desired legacy and how to create the cultures that will bring it to life and sustain that vision moving forward. Leaders leave with strategies to bring back to their workplace. Always offered in a natural setting conducive to reflection, community, and exploration, this retreat inspires leaders to live into the future that each leader envisions. Supported by structured conversations and exercises, physical activities, community sharing, and well-being practices, these retreats enliven a leader’s perspective on leading and living a balanced and whole life.
  • Balance is always in Motion; a retreat to reclaim your purpose - Leadership Retreats: During these retreats, we take an integrative approach to invite the leader into deep reflection, visioning, and commitments that will enable a greater chance of achieving desired results both at work and at home, combined with personal well-being. These retreats are offered in beautiful locations that offer peaceful reflections and recreation. One location is a site north of Puerto Vallarta, against the powerful sounds of the Pacific Ocean. Nature is a large part of these retreats, as it supports the work we all do together while on retreat.

What makes these retreats amazingly powerful is our approach...

  • We create a custom robust design that will work for the client’s needs and goals
  • We follow up after the retreat with a coaching program tailored to the leader’s commitments
  • We have the ability to find locations that are both forceful in their energy (mountains or ocean) as well as soothing and conducive to reflection
  • We invite other experts into the mix (artists, authors, musicians, masseuses, yoga teachers) as appropriate
  • We have honed over our collective 100+ years of our capacity to listen deeply, use what we hear to help clients reframe their challenges and desires, and we are committed to challenging the status quo in service to a greater perspective and vision for our clients and their well being.