At Dragonfly Consultants, we believe bringing people together into a shared environment is powerful. We also know that your available time is precious and want to make sure you will have a valuable and memorable experience that will benefit all aspects of your life. Our workshops are fun, interactive and fulfilling events, during which we help you pursue goals that align with your personal values. You will have a couple of “aha” moments throughout the day that will challenge your leadership style and move you out of your comfort zone into a world full of possibilities.

Some of our signature workshops include:

Legacy Leadership – Envisioning the future from the perspective of how you want to be remembered

My Name is on the Label – Identifying your voice as a female leader

Strengthening Community – Leveraging your unique female attributes to build high performing teams

My Inner Dragonfly – Discovering and maximizing your personal power and leadership potential

• Women and Men working together – Creating understanding and collegial relationships between men and women to build and maintain productive work environments

We offer workshops around assessments to address leadership development, team effectiveness, work-life balance, and second generation gender issues (the invisible barriers facing women in the workplace).  In addition, we are able to design workshops to meet your specific strategic leadership needs.

If you’re ready to challenge your leadership style and move out of your comfort zone into a world full of possibilities, contact Dragonfly Consultants to determine a workshop that is most aligned with your goals as a leader.